PS3 Sales Up 130% For Xmas

Greetings everyone. To open my new experience as a TSA author I shall begin with positive article. Who doesn’t love positivity?

Over at CNET a Sony Computer Entertainment America exec has said sales of PS3 were up by more than 130 per cent during the festive period. “Early internal data points to an increase of more than 130 percent of PS3 hardware sales for the holiday season–since Black Friday–and we’re also seeing a growth of nearly 40 percent in total PS3 hardware sales for the calendar year,” said sales vice president Ian Jackson. He went on to add that “We remain confident this momentum will continue into the new year.”


He goes on to describe that 2008 has been “a pivotal year for PlayStation” with ” the best software line up in the industry, a dramatic expansion of PlayStation Network including the launches of the video delivery service and the beta of the PlayStation Home.” As previously reported total PS3 sales were down in the month of November, but Sony have said that this was due “an abnormally strong month due to a price cut (with) the introduction of the 40GB PS3.”

See, it’s not all doom and gloom for the PS3.