Fancy Another Return To Rapture?

Regardless of the squabbles of whether Dead Space or Bioshock is the better game, there is not doubt that Bioshock is an incredible game, one that, on it’s release, stunned the gaming world. It was a game that had everything, slick visuals, intense atmosphere, Oscar-deserving story, it was beautiful. We already know that a sequel titled, Bioshock 2: Sea Of Dreams is in development and expected this year, but Christoph Hartmann believes that the titles could have five sequels. 

Global President of 2K Christoph Hartmann, in an interview with MCV, said that Bioshock has the potential to emulate the Star Wars series, but he promised fans that 2K will not “cash in” on the title.


In the interview, Hartmann said:

“Some of the mega-franchises we talk about only lasted ten years because companies took five years to ship a game. Look at Duke Nukem. It’s been a great franchise for 20 years, because it seems like it’s been in development for 20 years. 

“For Bioshock, because it’s so story driven, the question obviously arises: how long can you do it without turning into The Matrix? The first Matrix was great, the second one was weird and the third one, you thought: ‘Who [making this] is on crack and who isn’t?’. “But, then again, look at Star Wars. It’s a fight between good and evil, just like Bioshock. If we spin it the right way and get the right twist of innovation, we can make six parts of it, as Star Wars did. 

“But we have to be careful not to cash in. I won’t name the company, but there was a great racing game years ago. They brought it back year-on-year. If you look at the scores, it’s hard to believe what they’ve done to it. It’s upsetting, actually.”

Whilst I have high hopes for Bioshock 2: Sea Of Dreams, if they plan to make that many sequels, they must be very careful and ensure that every single one is of the highest quality.