Not Feeling Skate 2

I’ve just played the Skate 2 demo, and it’s not great.  Firstly, though, the good stuff: it’s now running at 60fps, the visuals are grittier and there’s tons more tricks you can pull off (and each has a nice animation accessible via the much refined interface).  However, it feels a damned site slower and although it’s smoother, it just feels ‘heavy’ and cumbersome, the tricks take too long to pull off, there’s now Hawk-like air time and the off-board walking controls resemble Resident Evil’s, which is a ridiculous decision by EA and one we hope you can change in the full game.

Perhaps it’s just because it’s new, but it feels almost like I’ve had to re-learn the controls and the way Skate works, which is a really odd feeling with a sequel.  Whilst essentially the controls work the same way, there’s just something not quite right and there appears to be more focus on your board’s momentum.  Here’s hoping the demo makes its way onto the PSN today as I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, one of my most anticipated titles of the first half of 2009.