Skate 3 Dated

EA have revealed that Skate 3 will be released on the 14th May in the UK.

The new game will be hoping to pick up from where the last one left off and its new features certainly seem to suggest it will. New to this year’s game is a massive roster of famous skaters, plenty of unique districts, skate parks, and endless lines. That’s not all though as this year EA have also included a new Skate.Park editor which allows gamers to create their own dream plaza or mega-ramp park from scratch or use the Object Dropper to alter the landscape of Port Carverton to change the face of the city.


The game will also include tools to build and share your own skate parks, videos, and photos with your friends by uploading them directly from their console.

It sounds good if you like this sort of game, personally I would rather a virtual sword and a fireball than a virtual deck, but each to their own.