Who You Gonna Call?

Well, everyone seems to be getting in on the act now aren’t they. First we had a string of release dates confirmed, including Killzone 2, then EA announced that they had, for baffling reasons, chosen to release The Godfather II in the same week. Now Sony and Atari have announced the release dates for both the Ghostbusters video game and the Blu-ray movie.

Atari has told MCV that the Ghostbusters video game will launch on June 19th in the UK, which will coincide with the franchise’s 25th anniversary, whilst Sony have announced the release date for the Blu-ray movie is June 16th. 


Speaking to videogaming247, Terminal Reality chief Mark Randel confirmed that they had “always been planning day and date release with the Blu-ray discs,” before adding, “It will be a huge Ghostbusters week!”