$1 Billion Gaming

As we all sit here scrambling to collect all of our scattered coins across a gloomy floor, just hoping for the economy to turn around and head back from whence it came; Activision looks down and with a smirk grin, laughs in our face. With my cynicism is out of the way, it appears Activision has claimed that Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, has become the first single game ever to surpass $1 billion in sales.

Whilst you may point out that the game costs more than a regular game anyway, a quick use of Windows calculator provides me with an estimate of around 10 million copies sold, which in itself is a rather impressive milestone. As I began to drift off, deciding on what I would spend $1 billion on apart from buying my own country, Activision Publishing CEO Mike Griffith mentions that sales for artists appearing on Guitar Hero have risen 15-843%, according to Nielsen data. He adds that this milestone have also been assisted by the sales on music downloads from Xbox Live and the PSN.


So as everyones living rooms are cluttered with an unspeakable amount of plastic, bands are gladly getting increased revenue and Activision are using £5 notes as Post-its.