guitar hero

iPod To Determine Guitar Hero Music?

It’s better than a survey…

Guitar Hero’s New Guitars

With interchangeable bodies…

Guitar Hero Subscription Is A Possibility

Founder of RedOctane reveals possible future plans.

Rockband And Guitar Hero Tracks Leaked

And news that the DJ Hero artists aren’t really getting that much per sale.

News Snatch: ‘Splosions

Brian May, Zombies, Kratos, Gameswipe and Mass Effect 2 PS3. Again.

Cake For Me And You

We finally get to carry our own princess.

Music DLC to Count in UK Singles Charts

Impulse Singstore buys might start affecting more than just your wallet.

The Missing Use Of Music Games

With music games becoming such a massive genre in gaming, surely there’s more that could be done with them.

Guitar Hero 5 News Splurge

The hype train is now leaving platform 5, all aboard the hype train.

Guitar Hero Comes Home

Sickest riffs and slickest licks coming to Home today, apparently. Who writes these things?

Guitar Hero: Metallica Set List

As the title states, entire track list announced, and it’s pretty good.

$1 Billion Gaming

Looks like Activision will need more bags for all of their money.