News Snatch: ‘Splosions

ns7Is Mass Effect 2 coming to PS3 or not? Whilst demoing the Xbox 360 version of the game, Bioware writer Jay Watamaniuk said that Mass Effect 2 will be targeted at Xbox 360, PC and ‘probably PS3.’ On realising he had said this he then rolled out the industry standard ‘we do not comment on rumours or speculation’ line and we all know what that means. Bioware have always said Mass Effect 2 may come to PS3 and with the recent EA Russia “mistake” it is rumour that is not going away.

ns3Brain May, the legendary flouncy-haired guitarist from Queen is easily pleased. He is appearing in Lego Rockband (alongside a Lego version of Blur) as a playable character and he’s rather chuffed,


“It’s the ultimate accolade, to be portrayed in Lego, my dreams are all fulfilled now,” he said without a trace of irony.

He also told to the BBC that a dedicated version of Rockband for Queen fans may be soon arriving. How many versions of Rockband do you need? U2, The Beatles, Queen – what next, Rockband: Hannah Montana? Rockband: Whitney Houston? Rock Band: 2 Unlimited? Actually I’d probably buy that one. I have to go now, no offense, I’ve hooked you up into the tribal dance! Da da da, da da da etc

ns5Kratos is almost here, in fact he could be back sooner than you think. inFamous was released in Japan yesterday (yes, really!) and it comes with a code that will allow you to download a demo of God Of War 3 from November 19th. The U.S. will also be getting the demo as a bonus for buying the God Of War Collection, scheduled for release before Christmas. That leaves us Europeans awaiting their demo and I have some news.. we’re not getting one. Feel free to shout abuse in Sony’s direction.

Anyone who is thinking of dressing up as Kratos for Halloween, I have one simple tip – get to the gym. Fat Kratos (Picture here) just does not work.

ns6Guitar Hero CEO Dan Rosenwig has revealed the GH5 outsold Beatles Rockband 2.5 to 1 in Europe and also that five Rolling Stones tracks will be heading to the Guitar Hero very shortly. Presumably these will be in the form of DLC which is now generating “interesting” revenues for Activision. I think by “interesting” he means “huge”. When asked to comment on the rivalry between Sony and Microsoft Dan said,

“One of the great things about what we do is that we should be neutral and ubiquitous.”

Does this man work for the same company as Bob ‘We’re not going to support the PS3’ Kotick? I like Dan, he seems to be a sensible chap, can he be the voice of Activision? Just look at his happy smiling face on the left there. I imagine when Bob smiles it is like looking at mouth of a great white shark.

ns2Two big names from the world of film are moving into gaming. First up is visual effects studio, Digital Domain. Backers of the studio include Michael “Spolsions!” Bay so it’s no surprise that these guys were behind the stupidly complicated animations in Transformers, as well as Pirates Of The Caribbean and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. In keeping with Bay’s love of things being blown to smithereens the new studio also will have a defence division working on creating high-quality graphics for military simulations. Activision released the last two rather poor Transformers games, perhaps Digital Domain will create something better.

Back over in Blighty Europe’s largest movie visual effects company, Framestore, has announced it’s moving in to game design following a successful collaboration with Activision on the DJ Hero game. Framestorewere behind the effects on Walking With Dinosaurs, Harry Potter and The Dark Knight. Producer Mike Woods says,

“We’ve got 25 years of brilliant visual effects experience with lots of proprietary software. We’re famous at Framestore for furry creatures, fur, hair, and we’re also very good at things like water and things that are notoriously difficult to do in computer graphics. Our model library is insane, there are very few animate or inanimate objects that we haven’t modelled at some point in the past, and its all here. We have the resources. All these real high-end assets have got to be useful.”

ns8Gameswipe may be back. Or not. It’s very confusing. BBC4 has said it would not commission a series yet in an interview with MCV, Charlie Brooker says,

“Could I do a series? I suppose actually I could do a short series. This is all up for discussion. I can’t say too much, but I was taken back by the response. Since it went out I’ve spoken to a couple of other people who would be very good for appearing on the show.”

‘I can’t say too much’ sounds like something is in the works especially as he has already contacted other celebs to appear. Brooker also blames a surprising individual for creating the impression games are for just kids,

“I think really Sonic the Hedgehog is to blame in making people assume games are for children.”

Poor Sonic.

ns1And Finally.. A message from S.P.A.Z. headquarters. Yes, really. Sony once again not doing their research and not realising “spaz” is insult over in Blighty. There again, this is for the U.S. only, surprise surprise.

Dearest citizens of PlayStation Home,

A moral plague has been unleashed upon our upright society. With the release of the new DeadQuarters personal space, zombies (and zombie sympathizers) are poised to infest our world. We at the S.P.A.Z. (Society of People Against Zombies) have made it our mission to rid PlayStation Home of this menace. While we have managed to win the battle of today by censoring the male zombie heads and thus shielding the eyes of the innocent from the disgusting image of decay, we need your help if we are to ultimately prevail. Please visit today and vote against allowing reanimated corpses to stumble and fumble their way around PlayStation Home. Together, we can restore our world to the state of virtue and moral fortitude so that our children –and our children’s children – may live free of the walking dead.

R Phunrooner (President – Society of People Against Zombies)

Once again the U.S. get all the nice bobbins in home and can dress up as the undead for Halloween if they purchase the creepy “Deadquarters” apartment. Best of of all there will be a mass Zombie attack on October 30th in Home Square which actually sounds like a lot of fun – reenacting ‘Day Of The Dead’ and chasing the living round the shopping complex.

By the way Sony, you are so funny! R Phunrooner – Our Fun Ruiner! Hilarious! Someone pass the Sellotape, I think my sides have split.