Guitar Hero Comes Home

Hellfire this is embarassing. If you’re still ‘into’ Home and are eager for more things to do than just run around after Greek symbols, Activision has announced, via SCEA, that they’re bringing Guitar Hero to Home. Today. In America. “The time has come for all of you virtual rock stars to get your butts into PlayStation Home and show off your sickest riffs and slickest licks,” says the US Blog. “The event will take place in the “Backstage with Guitar Hero” space where players will be able to rock out on their PLAYSTATION 3 controllers to a lightning-fast finger rock-style interactive mini-game.” Sounds good, huh?


“In this mind-boggling party game of music, memory, and reflexes, players are challenged to follow the lead of a guitarist by matching an ever-increasing color and sound pattern.” Mind boggling? No disrespect to Activision, and it’s nice to get Home surprises sprung on us at the last minute, but it looks absolutely ridiculous. Those pre-canned ‘animations’ are one of my personal bug-bears with Home, and how pressing a button can produce “sickest riffs and slickest licks” is anyone’s guess.  Astonishingly uncreative and another sign that not all game experiences translate well to Home, sorry.  And, naturally, there’s no word of a European version of this, although in this case we’re perfectly happy with that situation.

Tips: CaptainMurdo, XIIITI, Hodgi92