Guitar Hero 5 News Splurge

Over the past week or two, snippets of information have been leaking about the forthcoming Guitar Hero 5.  It all started a couple of weeks ago when Activision officially confirmed the title was to be released on September 1st, or more precisely one of Activision’s press partners decided to leak some of their big E3 announcements about the title, in a premature press release.

Also mentioned in the premature press release were some new additions and tweaks for the game which most notably included the ability to mix and match any instruments to any tracks, so if you want a two guitars and two drum sets facing off then you can, four microphones – no problem as any combination of any instruments will be able to play together. When combined with the new Party Play game mode it will be possible for instruments to drop in & out of tracks without interrupting the action or even having to navigate through menus.


Since then however Neversoft, the Guitar Hero development team are getting in on the publicity act themselves and have announced a series of teasers about the forthcoming content featured in the new game, using the social networking behemoths of Twitter and Facebook, with the latter having the following clues on some of the bands set to appear in GH5…

+ This band has a sign from a milk company hanging in the studio they record in.
+ This band is named after a street that a member grew up on
+ This band is named after a song by another band who used to wear white face paint.
+ This band sold out 2 shows in New York in 8 hours in the 1970’s

If the clues are bit cryptic then fortunately they’ve already announced a few acts including Queen & David Bowie, Santana, Sonic Youth, Weezer, Bon Jovi, Billy Idol, Iron Maiden, The White Stripes, Kiss and the all conquering Kings of Leon.

The news splurge doesn’t end there, as there are also even more new game modes, like RockFest, which includes Momentum where the difficulty level switches mid-play, and Streakers with bonuses for nailing 10 perfect notes. There is also a new revival meter for saving players who have failed.

There are also reports that all downloadable content from GH:WT will be compatible for GH5, and that all the extra features will be available to those tunes when played within GH5. If you want to be a bit more with your music, then you should be pleased to here that the Guitar Hero Music Studio is receiving a facelift and new features although details of these are thin on the ground i.e. non-existent.

No doubt all good stuff, but I’m sure all anybody really wants for Guitar Hero 5 is for it not to be outdone in the DLC stakes every single week by Rockband.

Right, splurge over for now, check back with TheSixthAxis for more news as and when it happens, it will save you having to check out all the sources below individually.

Source: GameSpot, Rolling Stone, Cnet, Twitter and Facebook Tip: darknight88.