Guitar Hero Subscription Is A Possibility

With over a dozen games within the ‘Hero’ brand, what’s in store for the franchise? Founder of Guitar Hero – Kai Huang – was interviewed by The Seattle Times recently and he’s revealed that he considers the genre as “just the beginning”.

One of the most interesting points to come out of the interview is the news that they may well be looking into a subscription to Guitar Hero (or indeed Band and DJ Hero) whereby the gamer would have access to the music catalogue for a monthly fee or other regular charge. Currently you could expect to pay around £1.50 for an individual track, or a pack price of around £5 for 3 or 4 songs. Do you think the DLC for Guitar Hero is worth a subscription fee?


Other news from Huang includes mention of Country Music, Classical Music and Latin Music:

In the U.S., country music is obviously very popular. Globally, classical music has always been very interesting. Latin music — there are just so many different genres of music and instruments that haven’t been tapped into yet.

There was even mention of the possibility of being able to add your own music collection into the game; although this would be a massive hurdle due to licensing issues.

You can check out the full interview here.