Michael Pachter is at it again, bless him.  With December’s NPD figures due this Thursday, Pachter’s made his predictions – after careful analysis – about the PS3’s performance compared with the 360’s.  Naturally, it ain’t good, as he reckons the 360 may have sold up to double the amount of the PS3.

A-ha, yes, but he also makes another statement regarding the PS3’s price.  He reckons we may see a price cut in April – in the US, obviously Europe will get shafted, probably with a price increase or something – which will no doubt help bolster the PS3 against the 360’s advance.


Pachter said loads more stuff which joined the birdies in flying right over my head.

So, mixed bag, and roll on the price cut!

Some Wii sold like a lot of units, but whatever.