Eternal Revolution Junk

After a phone call, a particular rant, some Archers peach schnapps and a good few hours of Motorstorm: Pacific Rift, it’s time for some news, and there’s a bundle of it; all of which has been nicely summarised into one easy-to-manage piece. Shall we begin?

Beginning in traditional fashion with news that Eternal Sonata finally gets a European release date. Arriving 5 months later than the US release (and just 17 months after the original Xbox 360 version), Eternal Sonata will finally grace us with his/her/its (delete as applicable) presence. Hitting store shelves on February 13th, the tri-Crescendo developed JRPG will include new quests, battles and even multiple endings over it’s older siblings.


From cel-shaded role-playing to rock-dressing, guitar-wielding Rock Revolution. According to Eurogamer, Konami has said that the music game will be released sometime during March.

Swiftly leaving that topic onto one of much greater excitement, one of Q-Games. The developers of critical-hits Eden and Monsters from last year, are preparing for another big year ahead. In an interview with GamaSutra, Kentaro Yoshida, one of Q-Games’ studio directors, has confirmed that a new PixelJunk game will blissfully be upon us soon. Yoshida says that “a new team has started in on the next PixelJunk project. We have not yet begun publicizing the game, but it is on schedule to be released in early 2009.” PixelJunk Dungeons however will not be the fourth title in series as previously rumoured, as it requires more development time and, as a result, will be released at some point afterPixelJunk 4. Yoshida also states that “2D graphics have been a hallmark of the series so far, but we are looking to incorporate 3D graphics and take the series in new directions.”

I hoped you enjoyed the first edition of bite-sized news. The next edition will be whenever there’s lots of snippets of news all at once, so don’t expect it soon.