GTA V Before Xmas?

MCV are reporting on a rumour (and so giving it a bit more credibility) which seems to be started by a US magazine but first spotted by PSU.

Strictly rumour at this point but apparently there’s hope of a new installment in the Grand Theft Auto series. Further to that, there’s hope that it’ll be delivered before Christmas 2009.

They are stating Tokyo as a destination which would certainly pander to the series growing popularity in Japan but would seem to break with the “three cities, different times” device that Rockstar has always used in the past. Hopefully it won’t be as dismal as GTA London – the series’ last departure from the norm.

They mention the fact that Vice City arrived only a year after GTAIII as evidence that it can be done (albeit on a much smaller scale). Hopefully when we do get our hands on the newest GTA it will emulate the success and the step up in quality that Vice City made over GTAIII.

More news when we get it.