Like A Good Long Wait?

Good things come to those who wait, or so Guinness would have us believe. As a PS3 owner and a Brit, waiting is my forté (as everyone knows that us Brits are the worlds best queuers), which is quite convenient, given the list of things that we are still waiting for from the other side of the Atlantic. Usually though, I don’t mind, I’m a pretty patient person and generally not all that bothered by the odd delay. The point I’m laboriously trying to make, is that if something takes an eternity to arrive, as long as it’s good, I really don’t mind waiting.

This is all very fortunate, as the agonising wait for Final Fantasy XIII will probably be a bit more painful for those of you hoping to pick up a copy this year. The eagerly anticipated pseudo-sequel from Japanese giants Square Enix will be release in Japan this year, whereas the rest of us will have to wait until after the company’s business year of 09/10, according to president Yoichi Wada. This pins the western release sometime after April 2010. With a mass of great titles expected this year though, I really don’t mind waiting. Do you?