News Snatch: Not A Hero, Star Wars, Blood Bowl 2 & Judge Rinder

Greetings one and all, it is time for another round up of news rescued from behind the back of the TSA fridge, starting with the first fifteen minutes of Not A Hero.

Lucky Japanese gamers can now play the full version of Final Fantasy XIII on their mobile devices as Square Enix have teamed up with a streaming service to release the game.

Bloodborne has been completed in less than hour, but by using a cheating glitch that has since been patched out.


Star Wars: Starfighter and Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter, both of which originally released on the PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360 have been listed for PS3 by by the Pan European Game Information board (PEGI).

Korea’s biggest PC and Mobile game developer, Netmarble Games, is expanding to these shores with the global release of PC game Hounds: The Last Hope. There is a beta running right now and you can download the game here.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate has shipped one million units in North America and Europe and and you can download this theme for your 3DS to celebrate. Woo!

A new trailer for Blood Bowl 2 in which “the Chaos teams show-off their match philosophy.”

EA are teaming up with China Movie Channel Program Center, Jiaflix Enterprises and 1905 Pictures to create a sequel to the Need For Speed movie. It will be set mostly China but there is the small matter that the movie rights to franchise belong to Dreamworks, who made the first film. Talks have yet to start with Dreamworks but as the first movie made a healthy profit they may not give them up easily.

Bandai Namco have released an English language trailer for Tales of Zestiria. For those of unfamiliar with the game you play as Sorey, a young human enamored with ancient history who can see the Seraphim, a race of beings invisible to other humans. When he turn out to be the legendary Shepherd: he decides to use his new found power to reunite both Humans and Seraphim worlds.

Why would a Hollywood producer be at Naughty Dog? Something to do with the movie?


And Finally, I am aware that this edition of News Snatch has been less than entertaining and a teensy bit dull. Oh alright, a lot dull, I am really sorry, but at the very last moments the Gods of News have heard my prayers and delivered a story featuring Z-list “celebs”, PlayStation and innuendo. Thank you News Gods, thank you.

Former Big Brother 9 contestant Luke Marsden popped on ITV’s Judge Rinder yesterday with a claim regarding his PlayStation 4 that he had leant to his friend.

“I was going on holiday around Christmas time and Andy had expressed interest in getting one,” Marsden said. “I thought it would be great if Andy could see how great it was, so I lent him the kit so he could have it for ten days over Christmas.”

However, when the console was returned to Luke he found the controller was “sticky” and the console suffered “pulsating problems”.

Fnar, and indeed, fnar.

Judge Rinder decided that Andy should pay Luke £325, the cost of a new PlayStation and a game, but the source of the sticky mess was never revealed.