UPDATE: Which Street Fighter First?

UPDATE #2: I have recently received a welcome email from the author regarding all this Street Fighter II business. The gist of what he had to say was that whilst they didn’t speak to Mr Tan directly, they certainly did speak with Capcom UK’s PR department. I am very grateful for the clarification from said author and am therefore gladly taking ThePSN.co.uk off of my naughty list.



UPDATE: Well well well. Apparently ThePSN.co.uk have not spoken to Capcom at all and therefore have seemingly pulled the information out of the air. So for now, scrub this news from your minds and just continue to wait  for Street Fighter II HD Remix like good little boys and girls.


Last night was a little bit crazy now wasn’t it? After the servers got raped by a barrage of traffic, my ability to publish news went down with the site. So better late than never, I bring you some news.

Whilst I As you have probably realised by now, our Street Fighter hunger is still growing. Whilst our American counterparts have been enjoying the classic remake for over two months now, we are still left out in the cold with no explanation as to why. Well, the guys over at thepsn.co.uk seem to have found out what’s going on.

Leo Tan at Capcom UK advised them that the release was currently dependant on “Sony QA”, having had Chun-Li and her friends submitted twice, before being denied certification by SCEE due to “faults and other problems” that are requiring the game to be “redone”. Capcom have said that they hope to submit a further version “within three weeks”.

This means that it is likely that we will all get our hands on Street Fighter IV, before the HD Remix is even released. Capcom also mentioned that they “can’t give any assurances as [they] thought the last one would pass.”