Punish the PSN


The PSN’s first FPS is coming this spring in the shape of Punisher: No Mercy a game based on the comic book anti-hero Frank Castle who is about as close to Duke Nukem as we can hope for any time soon.


Six screenies for your delectation. Looking pretty good if you want my opinion. It will almost certainly be over the top and full of massive explosions if it is to be anything like the books.

I think this has the potential to be like a PSN version of Team Fortress 2. Only good.

News picked up from Joystiq who don’t seem to be quoting their sources now, maybe the press release isn’t available to mere mortals. EDIT: Look at that, it was sourced from the PS Blog. Was that so hard Joystiq?

P.S. He has a crossbow! With laser sights!