Check out the trailer for Dread Nautical, the new horror-themed tactical RPG from Zen Studios

If there’s one thing we really love at TSA Towers, it’s a tactical RPG, and Zen Studios – the studio behind many pinball-ing hours – have seen fit to gift us with a new one this year. It’s got the enigmatic name Dread Nautical which seems scary and, uh, sea-y. Boasting a super-cool cartoon-esque art style, and some cool music, it also looks like there’s going to be plenty of creepy, eery mysterious stuff going on as well.

Set adrift on the luxury cruise liner Hope – which, we probably all have a healthy fear of now on a good day – this floating hotel has been overrun by horrible be-tentacled monsters who are all set on chewing their way through any survivors.

Alongside the turn-based tactical RPG stuff, they’ve also introduced Rogue-like elements to the mix to craft a loop that’s going to drag players into the very depths. Players can choose from four unique characters, and then embark on making their way through twenty randomly generated decks of the ship.

You’ll need to search for food and other supplies as you attempt to make it through alive. You’ll also meet some eleven other survivors, with the possibility of them joining your crew if you can convince them to via “savvy social interaction”.

If you’re hoping to make it through all twenty decks you’ll need to work out which survivors are the best to bring along with you, as well as how and when they attack, and which of their skills to upgrade. It all looks like tactical, rogue-like, and horror fans could be in for a real treat come next month.

Dread Nautical is set for release in the very near future, arriving on the 29th of April 2020, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC via the Epic Game Store.

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