Fifa Ultimate Team Details


EA have released more details about ‘Ultimate Team’ the new game mode for Fifa ’09 we announced last week.


Launched on March 19th Ultimate Team will enable players to assemble and manage their fantasy team with the collection of virtual cards. Firing up fifa on or after this will date will force an update enabling Ultimate Team in the main menu, from there users will be able to choose a language which will trigger the 1.3GB download which is completely free and enables a 5 game trial.

Other good news is that the update will bring with it 57 Trophies, 47 of them for the main game and 10 for the Ultimate Team add-on.

The full mechanics of how the new mode will work, including how to get more cards and the trading system is explained in full at EAFootballWorld, personally I was surprised at just how expansive the new mode is and that it’s not being sold as a completely seperate game in its own right.

Via EA’s Twitter