Girl To Reach Moon Today?

As we said in our review last week, the success and lifespan of Noby Noby Boy depends very much on the input from the community – if everyone plays it a lot, we all get to reap the rewards.  Despite the game only coming out on Thursday, we gamers have managed to stretch over 350 million metres, and the last time we checked that means there’s only 30,000 metres to go – going off the current track record we’ll be there at some point this afternoon.

So what does that mean?  Well, we’ll have somewhere completely new to play in, with hopefully lots of new characters and perhaps even less gravity amongst the tweaks we’ll find on the moon.  A perfect example, then, of how this sort of game can be continuously rewarding if everyone puts in the effort.  It’s a little bit like Life With Playstation, but inside of potentially saving lives we’re just exploring the solar system on a big pink worm.  Ah…


Keep stretching.