Noby Noby Boy Reaches Mars

On the 23rd May 2009, 95 days from the game’s launch, 72,739 PlayStation Network users succeeded in stretching their Noby Noby Boys a cumulative 250,000,000 miles.

While the PlayStation Store game still bemuses some of its aim, simply put, players stretch a snake-like ‘Boy’, and update its length to ‘Girl’. ‘Girl’, representing the community’s collective length stretched. Girl stretches out into space from Earth, each time she hits a new planet a new themed space opens up for gamers to play around in. Take a read of TheSixthAxis’ review of the game for more juicy nuggets of info.


Up until this point, members on the Official PlayStation EU forum had been keeping track of their contributions to Girl’s length. Although gamers managed to reach the moon within a week of the game’s release, estimates until recently were being made of multiple years to reach the red planet.

However, the game’s developer, Namco Bandai, released a patch to allow up to 4 players in an offline game to stretch at the same time last month, and ‘Lucky Week’ from May 15th, starting a new trend in multiplying the lengths uploaded to Girl. This aided in boosting the whopping 3000+ days-to-go into -48 days as of May 25th.

Users continue to stretch their pink playmate in the search for the next planet, Jupiter. However, with multipliers now being seemingly random, estimated time arrival to the next destination is currently unknown.

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Thanks to : Hodgi92. Sources: Official Site, Apps.Evilrobotstuff, Official PlayStation EU Forum