News Tips, Get Yer News Tips!

Update: Thanks to Pixl1983 for the tips.

We’ve been getting so many tips lately that our database was nearing the limit of numbers it could store because of all the TSA Points we were giving out. After we got these two latest tips we decided on a new approach. If people send us enough tips we make them a TSA Writer, which means they are no longer eligible for TSA Points for their tips*. Genius.


If fighting is your thing then you’re probably well into the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), which is like proper violent and occasionally people get their arms literally ripped off and used as weapons against themself. It’s brutally fantastic. Oh, and there’s a new videogame coming out too: Screenshots and video.

And then there is this little gem. Not news, more like bemuse. Capcom believes that breaking into Western markets was only possible using the Xbox. As opposed to any other consoles that have sold millions of units in the West: Go here, ridicule them.

That’s it for this news tips round-up. We’ll have another one when we can actually be arsed. You think this is easy? All you do is send in the tips! We have to read them, then write something witty like the above, and all the while I am seething with rage because Omega-W and CaptainMurdo seemed to think it was hilarious fun to continually MURDER ME DEAD during the Killzone Boot Camp tonight.


* We’re joking, we’re joking – don’t spam us just to get on staff!