Flock To Our News!

Good grief, we launch TSA Points and the Intermanet goes positively mental in its quest for them and so we receive scads of news tips.  Like 100s, but without the 00s.

First up is the news from Ubisoft that the forthcoming Prince of Persia DLC, Epilogue, has been delayed. March 5th now, which is long enough to finish Killzone 2…just.


Continuing this tips round up is the news that the upcoming sheep-’em-up, Flock, is heading to a field near you soon. And by soon, I mean April 9th for the PSN.

Finally, some more news about the possible PSP2. I was hoping it would be called PSP3 to bring product releases into line with the PS3, but then I did get confused especially as a PSPhone would have to debut as PSPhone3 which would clearly be mental. Not, as it happens, in any way as mental as me, but a pretty good effort all things considered.

Oh, the news. Is PSP2 real? Read and find out, and then: Parents never lie. Sorry, I mean patents.

All good stuff.

Tips: CaptainMurdo, Mike