Here Come The Tips!

Well, the other day I was round at a friend’s house – he’s well into the PS3 and gaming and he browses the Intermasurfaweb more often than Hodgi – and I asked him if he had any news tips for the site. He disappeared into his kitchen for a moment and came back holding some ice.

“I’ve got loads, mate – that’s just the tip of the iceberg,” he said.


So, here’s another round up of news tips we’ve had in.

LBP Costumes and PSP

Some new costumes to get excited about – some of which we perhaps already knew about: Killzone 2, Kai (Heavenly Sword), Buzz! (Buzz).

Also, it appears that it may well be Sony Cambridge that is in some way involved in developing LBP for the PSP. Our tipster for this one drinks with some of the guys: if he can get us a lipstick coated pint glass TSA Points BIG TIME.

UBS, TSA Is For Sale!

The Japanese unit of Swiss bank UBS has, seemingly by mistake, attempted to buy Capcom about eight million times over: Capcom most expensive games company ever!

Very funny indeed. We contacted UBS earlier today to enquire if they would like to purchase TSA. We’ll let you know how that goes.

Buzz Quiz TV Server Woes

An interesting tip to tell us that apparently the stats haven’t been working correctly for the last couple of weeks. This means getting a Platinum on Buzz has become impossible. We’re now relentlessly pursuing this to get an answer for you. Here are the options:

  • Windows Has Crashed On Server
  • Windows Has Crashed On Server, Like Really Badly
  • Windows Has Crashed On Server, Relentless Didn’t Click Ok On Send Feedback Dialog, Server Sulked And Crashed
  • A Minor Glitch, Relentless Will Fix It ASAP

LittleBigPlanet Models

See, I was well excited by this one. LBP’s Next Top Model, I was thinking, featuring Tyra Blanks the virtual, sackclothed Ms. Banks. Loads of glorious totty dressed in hessian. Brilliant.

And what it actually is: Mezco Toys to released LBP figurines, so not that sort of model at all.

Home, Watchmen, Stuff

TedTheDog, everyone’s favourite Home spokesdog, has revealed that WATCHMEN clothing will be coming to Home, and they will be free for SCEE Home users.

Pretty darn awesome.

Tips: Pixl1983, shields_t, 4chords, CaptainMurdo, cheekyMcB