Demon’s Souls Available In Eng

Look, we know the JRPG issue is a big one. Microsoft have got Sony by the balls with this and have slowly been chipping away at Japan in their bid for world domination. It seems that, whilst concentrating heavily on their first party titles, Sony have let this genre slip through the net.

Things look to be remedied (no pun intended) from mid 2009 onwards with The Last Remnant, Valkyria of The Battlefield, White Knight Chronicles and let’s not forget the possibility of FFXIII this year. Some have been released from the shackles of timed exclusivity and some may not even make 2009, but it’s a damn sight better than what we’ve got.


For those of you hankering for some JRPG action right now (well, as long as it takes to deliver from Hong Kong) scoot yourself over to Google and find a copy of the Asian version (not the Japanese) of Demon’s Souls. It sold like gold-covered breast-shaped hotcakes in the land of the rising sun despite varied reviews.

The Hong Kong and Taiwan (Asian) versions have got full English text and voice acting. As it stands, it looks like this may never see the light of day over here in the west so this may be your only option. I’d send you to the trustworthy but it looks like someone’s caught on and they’re currently out of stock but a quick Google should see you right.

Happy hunting!