Demon’s Souls Heading To Europe?

Sometimes I curse my luck, today up pops a magazine cover in Spanish saying something about Demon’s Souls and it just so happens that I can’t read it and all because speaking a foreign language has has never been one of my strong points, I blame the parents personally.

Anyway, luckily in the days of internet, we have Google to translate these interesting news stories for us, and therefore can reveal that the wonderful and PS3 Exclusive RPG Demon’s Souls is finally coming to Europe.

The news comes, as mentioned, from a Spanish Magazine which when translated using the power of Google Translate states that the game will be released sometime in the summer. Of course since this is a Spanish Magazine reporting this story, there is still a chance that the UK may not see this game.

Furthermore, given that no publisher has been mentioned, it’s hard for us to find out if it will indeed hit our shores, although we will of course do our best to find out because that’s why we are here after all.

Via Vidaextra