Burn Zombie Burn Dated

Developer doublesix has announced that Burn Zombie Burn, the top-down arcade title is coming to the PSN on Thursday the 26th of this very month. The game is an arena based third person shooter in the same vein as old arcade hits like Smash TV, with a classic American Horror twist.

Six levels will be ready from the off for you to dispatch several types of zombie hordes including exploding, super, noxious and ballet (?!) zombies. The title has all sorts of game modes including freeplay, mission and a welcome co-op mode. Helping the high score whores to get involved are a bunch of competitions with prizes like framed artwork, t-shirts and even a “horror-themed holiday abroad”. Sounds like the guest room at TSA Towers.


There will also be DLC in the form of the soundtrack, a comic and (this is a new one) a strategy guide.

Here’s some new footage of the co-op mode in action and I must say, it looks like the perfect arcadey diversion to sit next to Flower on your XMB.

If you fancy more there’s also a Youtube channel here.

Via Euro Gamer