Burn Zombie Burn

News Snatch : Pizza & Cake

More ‘news’ from down the back of the internet. Today : Burn Zombie Burn, Silent Hill and more Sideshow Bob Kotick.

Downloads: PSN Sales and PSP-no-go

Is DLC really having such a dramatic input on the way we spend our money?

Dev Wants Digital Download ‘Charts’

For them it’s not just a matter of being curious about the month’s top seller.

Review: Burn Zombie Burn!

A game containing zombies, chainsaws and lots and lots of bullets? Sounds like a winner.

PSN Store Update: 26/03/09

(update) Got that Burning Zombie feeling today? Then crank up the chainsaw.

Burn Zombie Burn! Interview

We take a look at DoubleSix’s new PSN game Burn Zombie Burn and chat to its Game Designer.

Burn Zombie Burn Dated

Burn Zombie Burn…. Undead inferno! Honestly, I really couldn’t help myself. Sorry.