Citroen PSP Crosser

It appears Citreon have announced a crossover for their Crosser: PSP integration.  We say ‘integration‘, it’s more like ‘let’s hack some of the head-rest out and shoe-horn in a PSP‘ but if you’ve got annoying kids in the back of your car why not let them play Patapon all journey instead of reading an intelligent book or chatting about Darwinism?  Yeah, all that drumming on the back of your head whilst you’re trying to navigate London would be wonderful.  Unless the people in the image are going backwards, and that’s the rear window. I can’t tell.


The special edition Citroen C-Crosser Exclusive PSP, to give it its ridiculous Sunday name, comes with a PlayStation Portable Slim & Lite, two games, a Memory Stick PRO Duo and a 4GB memory card. And a hole in your head-rest.  The car itself is based on the 160 HDi FAP (hurhur) version and includes Xenon headlamps, automatic air conditioning, ESP, Bluetooth, 2500 song music ‘server’ and a sat nav.  It costs from 33,990 euros.  The image is begging for a funny caption, but it’s too early for funny.

Via Zercustoms.