GT Brand Manager Wanted

Seems like SCEE are keen to push the Gran Turismo brand, because they’re looking for someone to do exactly that: a Gran Turismo Brand Manager, to be precise.  “Gran Turismo is not just a game, it is one of the biggest brands in interactive entertainment,” says the job, which we think is probably the best job on the planet. “To support GT’s continuing growth, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe is looking for a proven videogames marketeer with a passion for cars and motorsport.”

According to the ad, the job is based in Central London, and includes responsibility for shaping the range of GT products and services across the EMEA region; developing marketing strategies and providing campaign materials for all SCEE territory offices and building and maintaining relationships with licensors across Europe.  Seriously, we can’t think of a better job.  Makes you wonder though, just what do Sony have planned for the Gran Turismo brand?  Surely this doesn’t mean someone, somewhere is still working on GT Mobile for the PSP?


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