The Origin Of Killzone

It’s a slow news day today: most of what we’ve already posted happened yesterday (this is what being American must feel like all the time) but it appears that there’s a little glint of something over the hills, towards planet NeoGAF, and perhaps this little nugget of micro-knowledge can grow into some earth-shattering exclusive revelation later today, huh?  Like perhaps we’ll find out what Insomniac are working on now we know it’s exclusive.

Anyway, apparently, member ROFL (real name) was actually responsible for calling the first Killzone game Killzone.  “An ex-colleague who’s now a senior chap at another big studio told me that when I was back at SCEE we were working on a game proposal and we put together a list of possible names, including Killzone, which he reckons I came up with,” he says. “It wasn’t used and later he was on a new project and going through his old name ideas and apparently it stuck.”


“Anyway I only have a blurry recollection of all this,” he continues. “All I do know is that the name’s always had a certain familiarity about it to me. I just thought it was because it reminded me of all those Marvel comics that were Kill-this Death-that back in the late 80s.”  Ugh, no idea how I managed to spin that out over three paragraphs, but in other news, Michael originally named TheSixthAxis.  Some say it’s based on the original PlayStation 3 controller but it’s not at all.  No way.