Change4Life Debate Hots Up

Seems we’ve started something with the Change4Life thread, as now the BBC are on the case, suggesting that the industry trade magazine MCV has “complained to the Advertising Standards Authority about the advertisement”. The Department of Health said it is important be aware of the benefits of an active lifestyle, adding that the government is “not saying children shouldn’t play computer games”.

MCV’s associate editor, Tim Ingham, told the BBC that its complaint to the ASA was fair and it had the backing of the games industry, and certainly most of the sites like ours we can think of.  “This is a hugely inaccurate portrayal of an industry whose activity is far less sedentary than, say, watching TV,” he said.  “To say that video games are the main culprit in the UK’s current obesity crisis is ridiculous.”


Tip: TheLig, who now owes me tequila.