ASA Dismisses Change4Life Complaints

I wanted to post this yesterday. I really did. But I decided to contact the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) first so as to get the story from the horse’s mouth and such. However, for those of you well versed in the nuances of getting squelchy, mushy paper from a horse’s mouth, well you’ll appreciate the trouble I had. Polo mints didn’t work.

So, now the ASA horse has failed to serve up the goods, I figured in true Michael style I could be late to the party with news you probably don’t care about.

I do care about it though, because I’m fed up of seeing people going off half-cocked about things and being unable to see the irony of their half-cockedness. I’ve repeatedly used the word cock so as to encourage Torr to read this story. He needs help with his reading see, because he was unable to come up with a name for his new snake, and one can only surmise that is because he doesn’t read enough things that are not cock related. And calling a snake cock would just be wrong.

That reminds me, when I was at school this lad told me he was the cock of the school. Big fat mutha he was. I know you are, I said, what a cock you are! Thankfully, he was a big, fat dumb mutha too.

Oh jeez, what the heck is this story about? Oh yeah. Yeah, it’s about how the ASA has dismissed the complaints levelled at the recent Change4Life advert. You know the advert? The one where it said “Play Games And Die!” or something else not remotely like that at all, unless you happen to have the reading and comprehension skills of George Bush in which case it most certainly did say that and you are now all dead. A-ha!

Source: GamesIndustry