Comic Relief Stuff

Howdy TSA-fans, how are you today? Feeling a little bit under the weather? Maybe you’re annoyed because SCEE drag their feet with release dates or they don’t advertise the loveliness of their system enough? Perhaps the economic woes of the world are getting you down and you’re feeling the pinch of having to tighten your belt?  Ah well, at least you probably won’t die this year because you’re too poor to buy food or medication. Not all bad is it?

Today in the UK is that bi-annual event we know and love called Red Nose Day. It is the culmination of all the year’s hard work put in by the Comic Relief organisation in an attempt to try to prise some cash out of ordinary, normal people like you and me. They do some great work fighting global poverty and we can help them.  That’s great news isn’t it? We can help to make somebody’s life better, longer, healthier and happier and all it takes is throwing a couple of quid into a bucket or taking a couple of minutes to fill out your credit card details on a web form…

Which brings me to the purpose of this blog: I want you to donate to Comic Relief this year. I’d love it if you did it through a page I set up with and in an effort to butter you up and try to get you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside I’m going to give you stuff before you donate. That’s right, I’m not saying “donate and I’ll give you stuff” I’m saying “here’s some stuff, now will you please donate?” Either way, you get something and you only have to defeat your own conscience if you don’t want to pay for it. Brilliant!

So firstly, what is the stuff? Well, it’s two things, the first because TheSixthAxis is a PS3 site and they’re letting me beg for charity money off their readers and the second because the charity in question is Comic Relief and it’s supposed to be funny.

The first thing is four (count ’em) PS3 wallpapers that I designed. Hopefully there’s something for everyone, I’m calling them “premium” to make them sound more special than all the other free ones you can get from our forum thread. The second thing is a PDF document of the first chapter of the book I’m writing. It’s really hilarious. Well, it’s a bit funny in places. You’ll love it. Even if you hate it, who cares, it was free right?

Now, follow this little linky went to market for the swag and then click on this little linky went wee wee wee, all the way home for the page to make your donation. Every amount counts so don’t worry if you can’t give much, just give something.

Just to be clearer:


Good.  And just so you don’t feel left out, TSA will be donating every single penny made from our Google ads from the whole of 2009 up to this day to Comic Relief.