Push The Button

No, this is not a story about the hit song from the Sugababes (or was it Atomic Kitten? Generic pish girl-pop all melts into one for me).

This is a story about a British Member of the European Parliament (Glenis Willmott – if you live in the East Midlands and are of voting age you can lobby her to stop being so silly) who is supporting a European report that (amongst other, less shocking recommendations) suggests that games consoles should have a big red button.


That’s not a big red button for launching that missile strike or entering bullet-time. It’s a big red button for turning off the machine if something offensive has appeared on screen. Personally, I don’t understand why parents want the button to be red specifically. I mean, the button is there, it’s called an on/off switch. Why does it have to be red? The 18 certificate on many “offensive” video games is red and a lot of parents don’t even notice that.

Also, is the PS3 the only current games console with the passworded parental controls that won’t let it play content which is certified at specific levels? I thought they all had that now. Why don’t parents use that. Or, and I am aware that this might be revolutionary thinking, just stop buying adult-rated video games for your kids.

Still, I for one look forward to having a console launch delayed in Europe because they’re fitting the big red idiot buttons. That will be just wonderful won’t it?