FIFA Melts Servers

Today has not been a good day for technology, I kept getting a loss of sound on Warhawk, my laptop keeps dropping its connection to the Internet, my Twitter keeps messing up on me, and losing my updates, the PSN Store update has had some notable ommissions, the PlayStation payment system seems to be down, and to top it all off the FIFA ’09 Ultimate Team update servers have crashed.

EA’s Simon Humber has posted details of the problem and the steps they are taking to resolve it.


“Here we go.

Firstly we apologise for these day 1 problems. As you can imagine the game has proven immensely popular and the stress it’s caused the servers has been too much for now. We’re not the first game to hit these type of problems, but we know we need to do better in the future and we learn from these experiences.

What will happen next is this:

1. The culprit that was straining the server has been identified and optimised.

2. We will test the fix here to ensure it’s not caused a new problem

3. The game will come back on 360 initially.

4. If that proves successful, we will turn on PS3.

5. Finally at about 5am GMT / 10pm PST, we will move the hosting to new servers to add more capacity to the game to cope with the number of users.

6. If anyone is having trouble getting the game on 360, we are attempting to establish with Microsoft why this is the case. Their Partnernet service (where we test our products) was down this morning, so the problem may be related as the live service is hosted in the same physical location.”


Hopefully all sorted by tomorrow, but all I really want to know is what they are going to do about my home network problems.

Its appears that some people are now getting limited connectivity, but many are still experiencing problems. You’ve got to ask yourself one question: ‘Do I feel lucky?’ Well, do ya punk?