Games Important To UK Economy

Bear with me, I’m not great at this Parliament stuff, but it’s worth mentioning, and besides, we don’t think this has been mentioned anywhere else, yet: essentially, an Early Day Motion (EDM) has been passed in the House of Commons for debate and it’s one we hope our readership will be interested in.  It appears that 8 MPs (out of 650) have supported the EDM which was raised to discuss the importance of video games for the UK’s economy.

The EDM notes, deep breath, the importance of the video games sector to the UK economy, congratulates the winners at this year’s Baftas, in particular the success of UK developed games including LittleBigPlanet, Race Driver: GRID and Fable II, despite the complete lack of support from Government and regrets the fact that this lack of support from Government has seen the UK fall from being the third largest producer of video games in the world to the fifth largest.*


It goes on to urge the Government to devise a clear and supportive strategy for the UK video games sector as part of the Digital Britain review.  It’s a start, but with only 8 MPs out of 650 supporting the EDM we can’t imagine it’s going to take up much of the Commons’ day.  This website applauds the notion that at least 8 people in our Government actually give a shit, though, so thanks.

* Edited for readability.

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