New PS3 Tech And New Games

Sony have just updated the internal PhyreEngine to version 2.40. This has brought with it new graphical wizardry to produce more realistic trees and foliage. Don’t know about you but I always judge the graphical capabilities of an engine on grass. This comes just after the release of Flower that presumably uses this upgraded engine.

With the release of this new engine comes the names and scant details of projects previously unheard of. An unnamed title from Big Ant Studios, Strength of the Sword, a third person action game from Invent Studios, The 7th Seal, from VectorCell (and Paul Cuisset, the mind behind Flashback) and a PSN title by Boolat Games named Topatoi.

Here’s a teaser of Topatoi in action, whilst a little rough around the edges, it looks like an interesting little puzzler. Remember, we can’t all have £2 mil promotional campaigns.