Only 20% Of GT5 Cars Are “Premium”

According to the official Gran Turismo website, around 800 or so of the promised 1,000 cars will re-use ‘older’ assets and wireframes and ‘recreated’ onto the PS3, with just 200 of Gran Turismo 5’s cars being what the site calls ‘Premium’ – designed especially for the new console and game.

“Gran Turismo 5 will feature over 1000 cars, the most ever in the series,” says the website. “It’s a collection of the hottest and most desirable cars from around the world, both past and present.”  A bold claim indeed, but here’s where it gets interesting.

“There are two tiers of cars in Gran Turismo 5 – Premium cars and Standard cars,” it continues, before listing the differences between the two.

Premium Cars:

From the seductive curves of exotic sports cars, to the inviting sight of the road ahead when you slide into the driver’s seat and peer past the glass, down to the intricately detailed instrument panel and dashboard… Every one of the over 200 premium cars recreate every last detail of the car, inside and out.

Gran Turismo 5 contains over 200 of these “Premium” level cars.

Standard Cars:

The massive lineup of cars from past Gran Turismo games has been beautifully recreated through the latest technology and the Playstation 3’s cutting-edge graphics.

Gran Turismo 5 feature an astounding 800+ cars, a vast collection covering a wide range of eras and categories.

It appears the Standard cars are based on Gran Turismo 4 models then, and in some cases it appears, textures, as can be seen in the screenshot at the top of the page and the new YouTube video below. Indeed, it appears we won’t be getting the insane level of detail we saw yesterday for each and every vehicle, surely an impossible task for Polyphony from the off.

On the plus side, with the ridiculous attention to detail we’re getting on those 200 cars, they’ll no doubt be good enough for the next Gran Turismo, and potentially for the next PlayStation too.  Let’s hope in motion, once we get the game, those ‘Standard’ cars still look good enough to eat, which we’re sure they will.


  1. God if they did every car to premium level we’d be waiting another five years for the release.

    • Or longer because they would need to change it into a PS4 launch game or something.

  2. It still looks amazing and i’m sure all the cars I really want to get my hands on will be in the 200 premiums anyway.
    God know how long it would have taken to do all the cars that way, well into the next gen I suspect!

  3. The only thing that looks bad is the people, look at the background at 0:16, not good.

    The rest, is as awesome as it can get, release it NOW.

  4. im really surprised at how good this game is looking. Theres a video on Gamerclyde (i think) and its running at 60frames per sec and looks stunning. Way way above Forza in terms of quality gfx.

  5. thing is, this all looks nice, bit its not in game… its bound to look great. I want to see 1080p game play! as from what i remember of the ‘demo’ the in game wasn’t as amazing as this video

    • I would have to disagree. I don’t even have a monitor capable of HD but in all the gameplay videos I’ve seen the game looks fantastic! Even more so in the cockpit view!

      I’m not sure what you have said about the standard cars is true… I’ve read recently that the Premium cars will have full interior and a more realistic underbody. All cars look as good on the outside. I’ll get the link as soon as possible.

    • The in-game graphics are bound to be a complete anti climax for this title. TBH, both GT Prologue & GT Acadamy looked decidedly average in places.
      Still day 1 purchase though.

  6. Am I right in thinking that its only the Premium Cars that have Damage models?

    • I believe there’s a two tier damage model as well. Also, Kaz mentioned something about admitting to him overdoing it with the detail of the cars (or it might’ve been the numbers of vehicles). No shit Kaz! Get that OCD checked out.

    • Standard vehicles will not have separation (dislocation) of Body Panels. That’s the only difference between the damage of Premium and Standard.

  7. This is in no way a problem, assuming the Premium cars are mostly the new, fastest cars that we’ll want to use all the time. Let’s face it, we’ll never use all 1000 cars, so as long as the ones we use most are premium, it won’t matter that the others are standard.

    • I can see the trophy now “Used all 1,000 cars – Bronze”!:p

      • Just a Bronze, that deserves at least a gold, seeing as you’d probably have to buy most of them

      • ……..and play the game constantly fort about 5 years!

      • Ah, but the gold would be “Win 5000 races online (using all 1000 cars)”!!

      • I’m not looking forward to the endurance race trophies. What’s the betting they’ll be some sort of ‘Complete a 24 hour race with no simming or pausing!!’ Nightmare!! lol

  8. You mean I won’t be able to race in a intricately modelled Nissan Bluebird?

    Arses. Not interested any more.


  9. Im assuming that the premium cars will be the best cars, that most people will use such as the Aston Martins and the Ferrari’s. The standard cars will be your Nissan Micras, that will rarely get used once you’ve upgraded your garage a bit.

  10. Hmmm so will they look worse then the Premiun then?

    • I think it just means no interior.

      • No, it just means they aren’t as detailed, they still have an interior.
        Not sure if they have damage though.

      • well if they’re still interior modelled in the same quality as GT5P then I’m happy, not too fussed about damage.

    • Although they haven’t been recreated to the same level of detail as the premium cars, I expect they’ve done a bit more than just use the GT4 car models as inferred in the article. I’m hoping the standard cars will still be a higher level of detail than you can dream of and the premium ones just even more unbelievably so.

      • my thoughts exactly stitch, why would we get less detail than GT5P and almost twice the detail in premium care? im thinking if thats true though ”that GT5’s cars are recreated from GT4” than there’s a chance GT5P’s cars have been recreated aswell because they are not premium cars. put in short, i doubt the standard are any less than GT5P’s.

        also on the GT5 site are tabs at the bottom, about the 4tyh tabs is damage lvls expected across GT5’s selection. sory but im to lazy to post a link

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