Cutting Room Floor

Over at the Game Developer Convention in San Francisco (or San Fran to his friends) developers of the amazing PSN exclusive Flower, ThatGameCompany have revealed a few gameplay mechanics which never made it in to the final release of the game.

  • Timers, which they thought might help motivate the player
  • Desert terrain, which would cost any players who flew over it some petals
  • Spells, which were part of a system that allowed the player to gain improved flight abilities
  • Orbs, into which players were going to deposit petals in order to unlock checkpoints

These rather more traditional gameplay elements were left on the cutting room floor because because they didn’t invoke the feelings of calm and harmony, that the developers wanted. Personally I’m quite glad because Flower is perfect just the way it is, and is a success because of the fact it doesn’t include stereotypical aims, objectives and power-ups.


Via MTV Multiplayer.