Birth of Dead Space


This isn’t news, it’s a few days old and most of you have already read or heard about it. I’ve been sick and busy recently so I’m working on a delay. If you’re looking for news though, CC has been shit-hot in that department recently. Show off.

Anyway, I just read the feature on Gamespot (it’s there, somewhere between the flashing adverts and retarded comments) and it was pretty interesting. So, if you’re at a loose end and fancy seeing how the development studio, who’s last original IP was Road Rash in 1991, convinced EA to let them off the “Licensed Leash” and create a Game of the Year contender then you should go and read it.


Just one more thing; Road Rash and then loads of licensed crap and then Dead Space? Please EA, let Redwood Shores make more original IP stuff soon, they seem to be pretty good at it and I don’t want to wait 17 years for the next piece of genius. Or just let them work on the version of Road Rash you’re making for the PSN.

Ooops, was that supposed to be a secret?