Saints Row 2 DLC

There are some games that pass you by. Even when you own them.

That’s how SR2 was for me, I bought it, played it for a week and then didn’t really go back to it. Don’t be fooled – it is good, the reviews are right, it’s like a slightly ugly, slightly cartoon-ish, hugely more fun GTAIV. There’s a mission where you spray crap on new-build houses to drive down property prices. Which is just my kind of genius.


Anyway, I digress. Kotaku are reporting (via Eurogamer) that there is new DLC coming to the PS3 and 360. Three installments of DLC, with the first being released on April 16th, will add new modes and functionality to the game. If they’re right about the price though, it will be horribly expensive considering the amount of content.