More Firmware 2.70 Details

Yes, it’s April 1st, but the world and his banana have been waiting for Firmware 2.70 for a while now, and whilst there’s still nothing official from Sony yet either way the feature list rumours are starting to pick up again. “Text Chat in XMB and In-Game,” begins Sin over at GAF. “Backup and restore option now also includes videos purchased from PSN store, Internet Search is added to the option menu of each game, Copy/Paste in Internet browser, and attachment size in messages has been increased to 3MB.”

There’s also much talk of a tomorrow launch, mostly from the same poster. We’ve been here before, for sure, but this time we’ve got a sneaky feeling everything’s going to fall into place. As always with stuff like this take it with a healthy pinch of salt until Sony say otherwise, but the feature list above certainly seems more realistic than the slightly ambitious list everyone else has been bandying around.  Hopefully we’ll hear more later today, then.  Sony, over to you, chaps.

And no, as far as we’re concerned, this isn’t an April Fools.  And neither was the Speccy thing.