Firmware 2.70: Being Picky

I’m not one for moaning, well not too much anyway. I love FW updates, they’re free and generally enhance the whole PlayStation experience, so this post isn’t an article about what I think is missing from 2.70.

Truth be told I don’t want cross-game chat, or anything which will help reduce the PlayStation experience to loads of 13 years olds swearing, questioning my sexuality, playing music through the headset and generally trash talking whilst playing 18 rated games that they obviously shouldn’t be on in the first place.

By now you should know that the latest FW update 2.70 has been released, and is available to download now. The new features include new ways to sort your friends list, the ability to send larger attachments and ways to back up video purchased from the PlayStation Store.

Now I may be missing something here, but we don’t even have ways to purchase videos from the PlayStation store, that privilege belongs to the good folks in the US, never mind back them up afterwards. Hopefully though now the back-up ability is there a European wide Video Store will be on the horizon. Hopefully.

Now on to the main feature, the addition of text chat rooms.  In essence, it’s really cool, I love how it works and the fact you can be signed into 3 rooms simultaneously is actually pretty useful, as is the way you stay signed in even after you’ve launched a game so you can access it it through the in-game XMB. These new text based chat rooms will give my pad a welcome run out, as I’ve unfortunately not really bought in to the whole Home thing so my PS3 wireless keyboard has sat there completely unused since I purchased it around Christmas time.

What about all the PS3 owners who don’t have one?  Well the upside of this feature is it will surely lead to more sales of Sony’s wireless keypad, right? Wrong, there aren’t any: you can’t buy them anywhere – a quick look around the major online retailer shows up nothing: are out of stock, and are only available rather expensively through their marketplace sellers. Amazon are out of stock, but their marketplace sellers are selling them for the rip-off price of £51.99.

And our favourite, They would be available there for the bargain price of £21.99, but again they are out of stock.  What about real shops? well a quick phone call to my old friends at GAME reveals they haven’t even seen one since soon after Christmas.

So unless you’re lucky enough to have purchased a Wireless Keypad, fancy being ripped off buying one now, or live in the States so you can actually purchase videos from the PlayStation Store, then FW 2.70 actually delivers very little, other than the ability to reorder your friends and send larger attachments.