Great Offers In Store

If you subscribe to the official PlayStation 3 newsletter you may find it has just landed in your inbox, it contains all the usual newsletter promo stuff on a variety of PS3 gubbins from Burn Zombie Burn to Buzz: Brain Of The UK and Socom to SingStar, and most things in between.

One useful little nugget of information that can be gleaned from it, is that there is  a bit of a sale happening on the UK (probably European as well) PlayStation Store next Thursday 9th April and lasting for two weeks. So if you were thinking of buying something from the store, you may find your money goes a little further next week. See reading TSA is good for your wallets.


Personally I just hope they actually upload some content that makes it actually worth parting with some cash, after the last couple of weeks lacklustre efforts throughout Europe, and maybe I won’t have to look so longingly at the lovely US updates.

Full newsletter here.