Cops And Robbers Comes To Burnout

The lovely chaps at EA have just sent us this teaser trailer for the upcoming Cops and Robbers expansion pack for Burnout Paradise. I’ll be honest, I’ve not splashed out on any of this year’s Paradise DLC, the cars in particular seemed a little over priced in this current climate, but if Criterion can do something special with this forthcoming booster then I’ll be happy to get the old Wallet out.


Yes, it’s just a teaser, and we’re promised a fuller, more complete video very soon, but just to whet your appetite it certainly does the job. Besides, Paradise is a brilliant game with or without the continuous stream of Store-based goodies that EA and the team seem to push our way almost on a weekly basis. As soon as we get any additional information on this Cops and Robbers pack we’ll let you know.