Damn & Damnation

We first had a peek at Blue Omega/Codemasters’ Damnation at the turn of the year, it was originally expected to be out in time for Christmas, but for whatever reason the release date slipped to sometime in 2009, well that ‘sometime’ has now been narrowed down to May, the 22nd to be precise.

Damnation is a massive open world shooter, but not just any shooter this is ‘the shooter gone vertical’ featuring miles of distance and thousands of vertical feet, for example the steam generator in the centre of one of the level spaces is 40-50 floors high and will take the player 30 minutes to climb. To celebrate the announcement of the release date Codies have released a new video showcasing the environments and level design.


Other than potentially making up the word verticality the video does show some interesting aspects of level design in gaming, and if steampunk or shooting (preferably steampunk and shooting)  is your thing the game should be worth checking out next month, until then – watch this.

Official site: DamnationTheGame