GAME Record Results

GAME, Europe’s largest gaming retailer has today released their trading results for the year ending January 31st, they show that turnover has rose climbed by 32% to £1.97bn, and even more impressively pre-tax profits jumped 67% to £126.2m. GAME have also announced that pre-owned games & console represents 18% of their total business weighing in at £353m in total sales.

GAMES results are particularly impressive when set against the backdrop of the recession hitting the worldwide economy, of which Britain (where the majority of its stores are) has been hit hardest of all developed countries.


I would expect GAME to continue this trend, because not only is it an obviously well run company, but quite a bit of their competition is no longer trading, Woolworths, Zavvi & the failure of EUK has hit quite a few of the non specialist retailers like Sainsburys and Morrisons.

Perhaps the bean counters at GAME should be doing today’s budget.

Via Game PLC.