Price Of Gaming To Rise?

If you’ve not got many pounds in your pocket things could be about to get whole lot worse.

GAME Record Results

Gamers: Single handedly helping the economy since 2008.

Games Saving Retail

People who buy video games are saving the economy. You’re all like superheroes really.

Namco Snap Up D3

D3 Publisher joining the Pacman team. Wakka wakka wakka peeeiaaw bloop!

Blockbuster Bust?

Blockbuster seeks bankruptcy advice in the US, 700 stores in the UK await outcome.

Jobs Created!

Finally, a little smidgeon of good news regarding the economy and jobs!

Caution On New IP

Big publishers to reign-in spending on new IP due to the current economic cluster-fu…

Even Disney Not Immune.

Job cuts hit entertainment giant, as project is cancelled. Efficiencies apparently!

PS3 To Break Even In ’09

Finally some good economic news for Sony. Is it 1998?

Not Dark Yet

Free Radical Design is not finished yet as interested purchasers line up.

PS3 A “Sinking Ship”

In which I will narrowly avoid a rant and talk about economic problems. Again.

Zavvi Next To Topple?

The Woolworths ripple starts to rock the boat at Zavvi.